Lethal – The Sprawl LP Out Now & Exclusive Podcast

So after a slew of releases on various labels including his own Surround Sound Recordings Lethal finally drops his debut LP The Sprawl.

Taking inspiration from science fiction and meshing it with his musical influences to create a musical journey that can also rock the dance floor.

Opener ‘The Sprawl’ kicks off with a melodious soundscape making way for a stark, sinister vibe that sets out the stall before ‘Icebreaker’, featuring vocals from Hostile MC, brings the heavyweight destruction.

Techno tinged runner ‘Blue Nine’ delivers intricate programming, while ‘Panther Modern’ stomps through with chunky abandon.

Up next ‘Jacked In’ releases the chaos with a frantic bass line over thumping drums before the ‘Flatline’ switches up the vibe to bring out the grime and hoovers.

Dub flavours creep into the mix with ‘Babylon Rocker’ keeping it dark and deadly, then ‘Kuang’ spreads the virus with some straight up tech drum and bass.

As we head to the close ‘Straylight’ pulls out the breaks with some old skool tech step business and ‘Wintermute’ ends the journey with a bang with a hard pounding no nonsense technoid groove.

This LP takes no prisoners and is a landmark in Lethal’s production career so far, the end of the beginning…

To celebrate the release Lethal has prepared a Podcast to accompany the album, you can download or stream the Podcast by visiting the SoundCloud link below:


Lethal – Jacked In
Mob Tactics – Savages
Audio – Bag of Bones
Lethal – Icebreaker ft. Hostile MC
Maztek & Cern – Multiverse
Noisia – Shaking Hands
Lethal – Panther Modern
Axiom – Watch My World Burn ft. 2Shy MC
Zeal & Litta – Melee
The Sect – Glass Jaw
Lethal – Flatline
DJ E – Untitled BBoy
Smyla – Cannibal Consumer
Lethal – Black Hole (Elteck Remix)
Prolix & Gridlok – Snowed In
Subtension, Minor Rain & Trilo – No Smer
Lethal & iBane – 100 Bullets
Hybris – Garbage Truck (Misanthrope Remix)
Lethal – Kuang (The Virus)
BSE – Breach (Upbeats Remix)
Lethal – Babylon Rocker
Smyla – Straight Jacket
Machinecode & The Sect – TXL
Lethal – Straylight
Elteck – Moonlight
Lethal & Able Danger – Tormented Planet (Lethal Remix)
Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids
Lethal – Blue Nine
Section 63 – What Once Was
Lethal – Wintermute
Lethal – The Sprawl

You can also watch Lethal’s interview about his new album by watching the first episode of Surround Sound TV:

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Surround Sound TV – Episode 01 – Lethal – The Sprawl Interview

Welcome to the first installment of Surround Sound TV.  Episode 01 features an exclusive interview with Label Boss Lethal about his forthcoming LP ‘The Sprawl’, his Musical influences, what the future holds and what makes him tick as an Artist.

Check out the video now:

Pre order The Sprawl from iTunes:


Filmed and Edited by Piotr Kuszner.

Thanks for watching!

Surround Sound Show – September 2014 (Download & Stream)

September’s installment of the Surround Sound Recordings show on Rude FM.

Paul Able Danger aka Catalyst brings you 2 hours of upfront D&B plus some exclusives from Lethal’s new LP.

Download or Stream:


Endless Fade – Foreign Concept feat. Naomi Olive – Critical Music
They’re Wrong (Calibre Alternate Remix) – Break – Symmetry Recordings
8 Fall – Wintermute & Amon Bay – Dutty Audio
Paranoia – DBR UK – Dispatch Recordings
Turning Point – Presize – IM:LTD
Mucky Business – S.P.Y. – Hospital Records
Worms – Nymfo – Dutty Audio
Somethings Wrong – Dose – Commercial Suicide
Bad Kingdom – Moderat (BTK Bootleg)
Shredder – Optiv & BTK – Virus Recordings
Morning Shake – Kantyze – Dutty Audio
Unsocial Network – Able Danger – Surround Sound Recordings (Dub)
Scumbag (Teddy Killerz Remix) – Aeph – Bad Taste Recordings
Heartshaped – Optiv, BTK & Black Sun Empire – Virus Recordings
Leopard Slug – Noisia – Vision Recordings
Ice Breaker (feat. MC Hostile) – Lethal – Surround Sound Recordings
Void – Optiv, BTK & Cold Fusion – Renegade Hardware
Running Blind – Noisia – Vision Recordings
Indigo – Signs – C4C Recordings
Soldiers – Treo & 2Shy MC – Citrus Recordings
Midnight Nation (2am Remix) – Optiv & BTK – Commercial Suicide
Make Meals – Foreign Concept – Critical Music
Asylum – SDS
The Sprawl – Lethal – Surround Sound Recordings
Rain Maker – State of Mind – Blackout Music
Long Gone – Noisia & Evol Intent – Vision Recordings
You Are Not Alone – Able Danger – Surround Sound Recordings
Straylight – Lethal – Surround Sound Recordings
Secret Medicine – Robustus – IM:LTD
A Dystopian Romance – Eveson – Ingredients Records


Forthcoming Audio: Able Danger – You Are Not Alone [Surround Sound]

Able Danger have released new audio from their forthcoming single on Surround Sound.

This time we have the Amen fuelled ‘You are not alone’ featuring some mind bending pads and mouth watering vocals, watch out for the release coming towards the end of 2014.


Twitter: @SurroundSoundUK
SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/abledangeruk
Facebook: Surround Sound Recordings

Lethal – The Sprawl (Exclusive Video / Audio Content)

Keep checking this post for exclusive video and audio of Lethal’s forthcoming LP ‘The Sprawl’.

Lethal featuring Hostile MC – Icebreaker:

Lethal – Straylight:

Lethal – Jacked In:

Lethal – Blue Nine:

Lethal – Babylon Rocker:

Lethal – Flatline:

Lethal – Wintermute:

Lethal – Panther Modern:

Lethal – The Sprawl:

You can also check out Lethal’s Mini Mix on SoundCloud:

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Artwork For Lethal’s Forthcoming LP ‘The Sprawl’

Surround Sound Recordings are pleased to finally unveil the Artwork for Lethal’s forthcoming debut LP ‘The Sprawl’.  Release date and audio coming very soon so keep checking the website for more information.

You can also keep up to date with all online media by visiting and subscribing via the following platforms:

Lethal’s Artist Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lethaldefunkd

Lethal on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/DanLethal

Lethal on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lethal


More information to follow shortly.

Surround Sound Show – July 2014 (Download & Stream)

Welcome to July’s installment of the Surround Sound Recordings Show with Paul Able Danger.

This time round we feature exclusive new tracks from Lethal’s up and coming LP ‘The Sprawl’ alongside much, much more.



Triangles – Logistics – Hospital Records
Makes Me Feel Alright – Calibre – Signature
Solar Winds – Smyla – Mute:8 Recordings
Scumbag (Teddy Killerz Remix) – Aeph – Bad Taste Recordings
Worms – Nymfo – Dutty Audio
Somethings Wrong – Dose – Commercial Suicide
Leopard Slug – Noisia – Vision Recordings
Straylight – Lethal – Surround Sound Recordings
Broken – Nickbee & Freakbreak feat. Mix’usha – Bad Taste Recordings
Nowadays – Dose – Commercial Suicide
Icarus – Maldini – Dutty Audio
Unsocial Network – Able Danger – Surround Sound (Dub)
Subterranean – Optiv & BTK – Virus Recordings
Purpose – Noisia & Phace – Vision Recordings
Soldiers – Treo & 2Shy MC – Citrus Recordings
Midnight Nation (2am Remix) – Optiv & BTK – Commercial Suicide
Condition Zero – Cruk – Bad Taste Recordings
Running Blind – Noisia – Vision Recordings
Shredder – Optiv & BTK – Virus Recordings
Tormented Planet (Lethal Remix) – Lethal & Able Danger – Surround Sound (Dub)
Stampede – Audio – Ram Records
Heartshaped – Optiv, BTK & Black Sun Empire – Virus Recordings
Asylum – SDS
The Sprawl – Lethal – Surround Sound Recordings
Dub Specialist – Crimson & Future Roots – Subculture Music
Long Gone – Noisia & Evol Intent – Vision Recordings
Looking Up – Silent Witness – Triple Seed Recordings


Surround Sound Show – June 2014 (Download & Stream)

Able Danger Live On RudeFM.com 13/06/2013 -Paul Able Danger in the mix.

This months show features a strictly vinyl set with classics and radio anthems in no particular order – just straight up favourites all the way through…enjoy!


The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Optical – Metro Recordings
Justified – Commix – Metalheadz
Lost Cause – Dan Intrinsic – Revolution Recordings
Lost in the World – Duo Infernale – Timeless Recordings
No Company – Break – Shadow Law Recordings
Time is the Fire – Def Con One – Mac II Recordings
Termite – Digital – Innerground Recordings
Justify – Trei – Commercial Suicide
Busted – Future Cut – Renegade Hardware
Tear (A Sides Remix) – Skeptic – Eastside Records
Bad Bones – Concord Dawn – Freak Recordings
The Break – Mindmachine – Architecture Recordings
Murder Thing – Total Science – Reinforced Records
Seizure – Bad Company – Virus Recordings
Lost All Faith (VIP) – Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Defcom Records
Amnesia – Militia – The Militia Recordings
Follow The Leader – Calyx & Teebee – Moving Shadow
Drum Trip (Dom & Roland Remix) – Known:Unknown – Audio Couture
Ras 78 (VIP Mix) – Digital – Function Records
The Lizard (DSF VIP Mix) – J Majik – Infrared Records
Hard Disc – M.T.F. – Juice Records
The Pulse – Bad Company – Prototype Recordings
Infected Spirit – Dylan & Friction – Renegade Hardware
California Curse – (Dylan & Loxy Remix) – Dylan & Ink – Outbreak Records
Till Dawn – S.P.Y. – Metalheadz
Side Effects – Kraken – Underfire Recordings


Able Danger Launch New BandCamp Page

Surround Sound veterans Able Danger have launched a brand new BandCamp page as an outlet to release their Hip Hop production.  To celebrate the release of their long awaited full length instrumental LP ‘FantaSound’ Able Danger are giving away copies of the LP for free on the site.

Check out the site and follow by clicking this link:


Watch out for a string of releases forthcoming from the South London duo.

Electronic music label based in London, United Kingdom.